BACK jammed at the waist WHAT TO DO

Author: | 08/25/2018

Fetter sharp back pain, inability to straighten up - very unpleasant symptoms, which are experienced by people of all ages. Causes of a pinched nerve. It can provoke different causes of overload and hypothermia back to serious diseases. What if stuck back at the waist?

jammed back
jammed back

Stuck back at the waist: emergency aid

If a person is stuck back, as a rule, he starts to panic, trying to straighten sharp movements. And we must act, on the contrary, calmly and reasonably. First of all calm down and lie down on a flat surface - on a bed, sofa, and best of all - on the floor. Bend your knees and place them on the platform (such as a chair). In this state, the maximum spin is relaxed, so that with time the pain will begin to recede.

When the pain subsides completely, gently roll over on its right side and climb on all fours. In this position, please proceed to any support that will help you get back on their feet. Proceed very slowly! Take a scarf or towel and wrap them back, to fix it. Within days after the onset of bed rest follow.

preventive measures

Once you feel better, you need to carefully monitor their state of health and follow the advice described below:

• Do not carry too heavy things;

• do not bend down, if you need to take something from the floor, simply squat, leaving your back straight;

• Do not supercool, avoid any drafts;

• Get yourself a pillowtop mattress and orthopedic pillow;

• Do not start the viral disease and the common cold, treat them in time;

• Maintain an active lifestyle, doing exercises in the morning, talk to your doctor, what sport is suitable for you, and deal with them;

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• focus on strengthening the abdominal muscles, back and legs;

• adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, give up cigarettes;

• Avoid stress and do not forget to rest.

To start a professional treatment, go to a therapist. He will assign you an X-ray and tomography. Then the therapist will refer you to a surgeon or chiropractor. In addition, there is a doctor-vertebrologist. He was directly involved in the treatment of diseases of the spine.

If any time you have a case of such a problem with his back, a visit to the hospital is better not to delay. Even if you deal with it very quickly, a sharp pain may still overtake you at the most inopportune moment. The sooner you start treatment, the faster and easier it will leak.

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