Went from sayings heavy YOU Cap of Monomakh

Author: | 08/25/2018

Fiction has given us many wonderful pieces, excerpts from which have become a popular expression. For example, the idiom "heavier you are, the Cap of Monomakh". In this article we will look at this expression. After studying its etymology, we learn from the saying went "heavier you are, the Cap of Monomakh". Also note the exact interpretation of phraseological, its author and scope.

"It's hard you Monomakh": the expression

For a more precise definition of sustainable combination of words turn to T. phrasebook Rose It provides the following explanation: "On unpleasant and heavy duties imposed on anyone."

Where went the saying "It's hard you Monomakh"

First of all, we look at the structure of this expression. In it there is an appeal to the Cap of Monomakh with a note that it is hard. Why exactly is this hat? Let us turn to history.

In Russia in the 12th century ruler, the great Kiev Prince Vladimir Monomakh was. He did a lot to preserve the integrity of the state. He reconciled and princes rallied to with them to repulse the Polovtsy.

where you went to saying hard hat Monomakh

There is an interesting legend. When Vladimir Monomakh became the prince of a great and decided to conquer Byzantium, he approached her, but the emperor on his own gave him the insignia of imperial power. Among these values ​​were and the royal crown. Consisting of gold, sable, a jeweled cross and completed, it was quite heavy.

Over time, he was nicknamed Monomakh's Cap. Up to the reign of Peter the Great it was a symbol of the king's power in Russia, it had placed on the heads of the princes and kings during the coronation ceremony.

But how went the saying "It's hard you Monomakh"? She came to us from the drama "Boris Godunov" by Pushkin. This is a quote from the scene, "King's Chamber." It Boris Godunov finds out that in Lithuania there was an impostor, and then he utters the phrase under consideration.

The use of the expression

Having considered phraseologism value, we have learned that it is unpleasant and heavy duties imposed on anyone. In connection with the "royal" origin of this expression is usually used to show how difficult it falls heads, high officials from their responsibilities.

However, it should be noted that this idiom can be applied not only to those who occupy high positions. It is used by people of different walks of life to show how hard it is necessary, when the person assigned the circumstances that his burden.

 idiom you hard hat Monomakh

This expression is widely used in the literature. It is because of the work of art is to us, and it is.

The media, like many other idioms, sustainable combination of words is also popular. Journalists, politicians actively use it in their articles and speeches. As a rule, it is used in the headlines. Thus journalists attract readers and mark the subject of the article.

This quote is called historical exhibitions, for example, dedicated to Boris Godunov.


In this article, we learned that the mean and where went the saying "It's hard you Monomakh". We noted and the scope of its use. Finally, we offer you to know the following facts about the perpetrators of this phraseologism appearance.

Cap of Monomakh - one of the oldest regalia. Store it in the Moscow Kremlin Armory. Its weight is 698 grams. Much to the severity of the headdress.

you hard hat Monomakh value

This hat fashioned oriental craftsmen. It consists of a gold sable fringe, pearls, rubies, emeralds and cross. She is mentioned in the charters of the princes of Moscow. At the same time, she called them a gold cap.

Heavy YOU, Monomakh's Cap? " - RAMBLER / CLASS

The phrase "heavy you Monomakh" was taken from the tragedy

"Boris Godunov" (1825) AS Pushkin. This final

words spoken by Tsar Boris Godunov after

He recognizes that Lithuania declared an impostor.

It cited as a complaint about the heavy share of big responsible

stvennost leader, leader, etc.

In fact Cap of Monomakh is among

the oldest regalia kept in the Armory,

presumably the eastern end of the work XIII - the beginning

XIV centuries. Symbol - the crown of autocracy in Russia. weight caps

698 grams.

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I went from sayings heavy YOU, Monomakh's Cap?

cap of Monomakh

Hard you Monomakh (Oh, you're hard, Monomakh) - a phrase used when it is required to emphasize the laborious someone cares, high responsibility, the need will soon settle a tricky business

- "Oh! Hard you Monomakh! To help your work, I allowed myself in the latter "simply" my letter to indicate weaknesses in the penultimate your poems, and even put a newspaper clipping about the disadvantages that are inherent in the young poets "

(I. Goncharov Letters Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich)

- "It's hard you Monomakh, and even harder to break the cruel necessity happiness of a loved one in the name of the unconditional right of his moral personality" (Pisarev "His life and literary activity")

- "heavy Monomakh! - jokingly I told him, Stepan Arkadyevitch, hinting obviously not on one conversation with the princess, and the cause of the excitement Levin that he saw " (Tolstoy" Anna Karenina ")

- "hastily hearing from you do not expect, know that you are busy. And that, say, heavy Monomakh? Think for a minute, I did 20 years carried a 7 troupes, and each with 1 or 2 Savina, Davydov 1, Chaliapin, Kshesinskaya etc. " (letter B. A. Telyakovsky Ugine)

- "I beat the willies. Cap of Monomakh was heavy. Her are those who crave power " (Tokarev," One of Us ")

Oh, you're hard, Monomakh - a line from the tragedy of Pushkin's "Boris Godunov", written in the Mikhailovsky in 1825.

Ух, тяжело!.. дай дух переведу...

Я чувствовал: вся кровь моя в лицо

Мне кинулась — и тяжко опускалась...

Так вот зачем тринадцать лет мне сряду

Все снилося убитое дитя!

Да, да — вот что! теперь я понимаю.

Но кто же он, мой грозный супостат?

Кто на меня? Пустое имя, тень —

Ужели тень сорвет с меня порфиру,

Иль звук лишит детей моих наследства?

Безумец я! чего ж я испугался?

На призрак сей подуй — и нет его.

Так решено: не окажу я страха, —

Но презирать не должно ничего...

Ох, тяжела ты, шапка Мономаха! (Picture of King's Chamber)

Provenance Cap of Monomakh

autocracy symbols

Cap of Monomakh - a symbol of royal power, headdress, which the king wore during the ceremony of accession to the throne. The last Russian autocrat, crowned king cap Monomakh, was in 1682, Ivan the V, brother and co-ruler Piotr I. Cap of Monomakh pubescent sable fur, decorated with precious stones, surmounted by a cross, is very heavy.

There are two legends of visiting Cap of Monomakh in Russia. The first - a dubious: hat presented to Prince Volodymyr Monomakh Byzantine Emperor Constantine, who died 50 years before joining Vladimir in "post" Duke (Vladimir was then 2 years and he was the son of the daughter of Constantine) (!). The second - a cap Monmaha Tartar origin. She gave Ivan Kalita Tatar Khan Uzbek for faithful service

Today Monomakh cap is kept in the Kremlin Armory

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Hard you Monomakh. Today, in a solemn hall of the Palace of the book - the Ulyanovsk regional scientific library named after VI Lenin's gala evening "In the circle of friends" Monomakh "24 December 2013 Download essay on you hard hat Monomakh Oh, you're hard, Monomakh! Quote from the tragedy of Pushkin's "Boris Godunov", the scene of "King's Chamber" (1831), the monologue Boris (Monomakh Greek edinoborets; nickname, pisoedinyavsheesya to the names of some Byzantine ... What are you hard, Monomakh How much is Monomakh ?. | the list of the Subject [0]
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Godunov" lesson Subject:. Is it difficult to Monomakh Rostislavich ... hard you Monomakh? - dslov.ru presentation on the topic: the symbol of power. Get the code Monomakh's Cap Cap of Monomakh - gold filigree pointed headdress, most ... The word slang expression "heavy Monomakh 'means the severity of power. Cap of Monomakh.
Slide 15 of the presentation, "Ivan Kalita" the lessons of history on "Muscovy". Size: 960 x 720 pixels,
the format: jpg. Difference between the current program as was the presentation of new teaching methods actor and director in the course of work on Chekhov's text. ... Well, if Monomakh hard, show next year. Oksana Vlasova.
cs3.a5.ru/media/09/20/f8/0920f8b8d49db47704575b9a564067... The validity of this catch phrase from the tragedy "Boris
Godunov" by Alexander Pushkin convinced scientists from Princeton University. August 3, 2011 Heavy you Monomakh
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MP3ZZZ.RU you hard, Monomakh ... | clubfile.net Decision 7474: How do you go saying, Heavy ... more details see below. Job number on our website: ... 7474. Gabrielyan OS 11 class (basic level). Subject: § 4. The covalent chemical bond. ... and the interpretation of the term is heavy you Monomakh! Book of aphorisms - a collection of wise aphorisms on the topics of the authors and areas of activity. ... hard you Monomakh! From tragedy "Boris Godunov" (1825) Pushkin
(1799-1837). Working with the presentation. Slide with the text of the lesson topics: (? If it's heavy Monomakh for Rostislav) ...
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Informative Portal ... how hard you go saying, Monomakh's Cap ... Oh, you're hard, Monomakh whether Monomakh hard? | Also on the topic of the Moscow metro development scheme The phrase "heavy you Monomakh" means heavy and unpleasant duties that are imposed on anyone. ... Check the box if you want to receive mail notification of new comments in this thread. Oh, you're hard, Monomakh! An expression first used in the tragedy of Pushkin's "Boris Godunov". Cap of Monomakh - a crown, which was crowned tsar in Moscow kings, the symbol of royal power. Is it difficult to Monomakh's Cap presentation Oh, you're hard, Monomakh! "Monomakh" (in ancient Greek
"Edinoborets") - the nickname of several Byzantine emperors. In ancient Rus' became known as the Grand Prince of Kiev Vladimir Vsevolodovich (1053-1125) ... hard you Monomakh's Cap. Date Added: 15/10/2014;
Views: 35; the lecture was useful: 1 students (y); not useful: 0 students (y). The published material is infringing? let us know ... hard you Monomakh what tjazhela ty shapka ... presentation on the topic: "" Golden Monomakh ... Questions on taxes ... hard you Monomakh's Cap (Commentary on the definition..
the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation from 08.06.2004 N 235. . Oh "to refuse to accept you heavy Monomakh | book of aphorisms
. Presentation on the outside world for the 4th grade on ... Topics Author biography proverbs Oh, you're hard, hat
Monomakh ... cap of Monomakh - a crown, which was crowned tsar in Moscow kings! , a symbol of royal power).

The presentation of the lesson drawn lecturer in mathematics and computer science PU-19 Saransk Rogozhina TN ... "Yes,
hard, you, Monomakh" - the decision of interesting applied problems. Presentation. The results of the implementation of the budget. Statistics. ... 2012.10.16 The hard you Monomakh (Grand). Historic princely congress in Liubech. ... Since 1981
, he is accompanied by a certain theme (this year - "Agricultural ... October 16, 2012 Threaded-Mode
| the Linear-Mode Presentation of Chemistry hard you Monomakh's Cap ... presentation on chemistry on simple and complex substances Rostislav Mstislavich Download Presentation on... Is cap of Monomakh hard Download presentation on whether the cap of Monomakh hard for free and without registration SoftPortal. ... The result of the query "presentation on whether hard hat Monomakh" ... presentation of saying you hard hat Monomakh Burdensome you Monomakh! Phrases the severity of the burden of power and responsibilities of the various leaders and ... Cap of Monomakh -.. Regalia of Russian grand dukes and kings Hard Monomakh this has meant that the man took an excessive noshu.Potomu that to wear a hat Monomakh, you must be at least this by Monomahom.Poetomu if you take over something that ... 10 7 on August
2014 Download a presentation on "" Golden cap of Monomakh on the high chapter of St. Petersburg "GBOU School 210
Central district of St. Petersburg." in .ppt (PowerPoint) format. Download Report on Monomakh's Cap. presentation on Monomakh's Cap, Ostrogozh. ... We are afraid of the summer! Hard you Monomakh It has to. ( "Literary Gazette" 24
on May 1978). "Oh, you're hard, Monomakh's Cap!" ... Cap of Monomakh, as one of the symbols of royal power in Russia, was placed on the king's head at the enthronement ceremony (up to 1724) .30 November 2013 whether it is hard, "Monomakh's Cap?" "
Tips for Life - Good Heavy Monomakh. (Cap of Monomakh was crowned tsar Russian tsars ... Scepter considers it necessary presentation on the topic: "The History of Russia, Grade 11, base cap + Monomakh - Russian to English Cap of Monomakh ... Idiom" heavier you are, Cap of Monomakh "... hard hat Monomakh -.!
glossary and phrasebook ... The presentation of 150 words about the cap Monomakh ... [ "heavier you are, cap of Monomakh" ....] The hard you
Monomakh - hard you Monomakh from the tragedy "Boris Godunov" (1825) Pushkin! (1799-1837). This is the "king's Chamber," the final words of the scene, which says the king Boris Godunov, after knowing ... ... region
|.. Exhibition "heavier you are, the Cap of Monomakh" ... presentation on the topic of oil and politics presentation icon sign
.. Presentations biogeocoenosis biology ... Presentation of technology on a file handle Oh, heavy you cap
of Monomakh! Format TsitataOpublikovano 29.01.2015Avtor adminRubriki AvtorskieMetki Alexander Pushkin, Russia. ... the less we love a woman, the better she likes us. I have a monument erected without hands. Presentation on "Vladimir Monomakh" format ... hard hat Monomakh. Wed. January 26, 1861 ... Sovereign unto soedinennom ministrov sobranіi glavnago Committee and the Committee of the Peasant d? Lu ... Wed. But sit down, let the lady talk Sh - heavy e Monomakh cap impact. Political ideas of Vladimir Monomakh royal power Regalia presentation on the topic:
the symbol of power. ... P'yat great taєmnits іstorichnoї psihologії. hard you Monomakh! / Heavy you Monomakh presentation. File description: Added: 11/03/2014 Downloads: 5862 File Status: available file publicly available: Yes File Uploaded by: LOUXTN206. ... Presentation of the sayings you hard hat Monomakh Report
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Male pattern - heavy you Monomakh »PSD ... Work with the presentation. Slide with the text of the lesson topics: (whether it is heavy for Rostislav Monomakh?) Teacher Subject: you hard, Monomakh! Authors: Arseny Markevich, Grade 4,
Markevich Matthew, 1 class. ... For more information about the project. Presentation of the work: Browse. Glossary: What is hard you Monomakh - the value meaning of hard Monomakh General - report on Monomakh's Cap download - nuizck History Cap of Monomakh presentation Download Cap of Monomakh - History Grade 6 ... The Red Book of the Kursk Region Volume 2 download, What is the history of expression oh you hard, Monomakh's cap? (Portrait., usually ironically.) of gravity of power,
responsibility. This is the final stage of the word "King's Chamber," the drama of Pushkin's "Boris Godunov". Cap of
Monomakh was crowned tsar in Moscow kings ... free presentation on gut Biology 8th grade. Renaissance 13th century 16 presentation. Presentation of the cells. hour day law. Presentation on yinotheria squad. »Graphics»
Patterns for Photoshop »Template men - seriously you Monomakh. Everything really, our danger if Monomakh fans of heavy presentation is now history. He sent me to heal the brokenhearted statement legendary workaholic MIC May 8211; Presentation on the double ... Presentation of the "Cap of Monomakh" |
Social network ... ... went a saying hard you Monomakh's Cap Presentation Attached Files Downloads:
3785 Format ... June 28, 2014 Heavy you Monomakh presentation on the topic: Lesson entertaining mathematics
presentation "Cap of Monomakh" was prepared in the study of the topic "Getting feudal fragmentation of Rus' 6
class textbook A.Danilova.Ispolzovalas as additional materiala.Soderzhit 10 slides ... March 4, 2015
Presentation on the Monomakh's Crown ... cap of Monomakh - Presentation 3916-15 that hard you mean Monomakh znach ix phrase ... Short message ... Shapka Mohn - School Znaniya.com Download the presentation of Monomakh.
Monomakh's Cap Cap of Monomakh. presentation on the topic. ... Archive prezentatsiya-o-shapke-monomaha.zip supported on all systems that have vinrar. Cap of Monomakh message presentation template ... men - seriously you cap

Monomakh »Photosop ... Heavy you Monomakh! | Lashed heavy YOU Cap of Monomakh - Idiom ...
Presentation on whether the Cap of Monomakh heavy. Description. ... Download the presentation on. powerpoint on "cap. on" Cap of Monomakh. application for admission. my life my rules on Latin ACC finance instruction lesson momentum of the body the law of conservation of momentum presentation hard you Monomakh yes or no presentation of the formation of adverbs Grade 7 Law PPP Astrakhan region to find out ... Note "Oh, hard you Monomakh!" author Oleg ... < <All threads. ... heavy, you Monomakh's Cap! Head huge burden of responsibility or "not at Senka Hat". After eight years in the headwaters of the Seversky Donets Vladimir Monomakh with the Allies inflicted another heavy defeat ... Since 1981, he is accompanied by a certain theme (this year - "Agricultural cooperatives feed the world"). Presentations
on Russian literature. ... Idiom "heavier you are, Monomakh's Cap!" 01.25.2013, 11:13. Presentation about the cap Monomakh
:: mutuda.hoho3366.com Where you went Heavy saying Monomakh quotations from the works of Pushkin AS "Boris
Godunov", the scene of "King's Chamber" (1831). Cap of Monomakh is a symbol of the Russian authorities of the Middle Ages.
Covered with gold and precious stones headpiece was a gift ... Kiev - Good Heavy Monomakh.
(Cap of Monomakh was crowned tsar Russian tsars ... presentation on the topic: a symbol of power Get Code Cap..
Monomakh's Cap of Monomakh - gold filigree spiky headdress Since the beginning of ... hard hat Monomakh.
Glossary and phrasebook Michelson ... Saltykov In an environment of moderation... .. 2. At leisure Wed Oh, you're hard, hat
Monomakh Pushkin Boris Godunov Re:!.. The hard you Monomakh ... 20 minutes 35 seconds ago Re:. On retirement from the grave 22 minutes 59 seconds ago. ... New blog posts and topics. ... Fathers and Sons, oh you hard hat Monomakh, Ojo that ...
. Subject ... From Cap of Monomakh to exclamations Godunov "Oh, you're hard, Monomakh" one step I thought.
Kathy asked about cap Monomakh it as a symbol of state power of gravity heavy YOU HAT.
Monomakh |! Forum Press- Conference Petro Symonenko on the topic: "Constitutional reform: decentralization, or ...
It has long lost the original meaning of the famous sayings of Grand Duke Vladimir," is heavy you, cap
of Monomakh! ". • Clozhnovygovarivaemye phrases ... • essay on what wonders ... • how to make a mosaic of mathematics ... • What do people do to protect the Volga ??? ... • essay-argument that such mercy ... • The hard hat
Monomakh - shaped collection of words ... ... Republic " 2012.10.16 The hard you Monomakh ... hard you cap
Monomakh - the severity of power and responsibility. This is the final stage of the word "King's Chamber," the drama of Pushkin's "Boris Godunov". Presentation of Monomakh - Standard documents Article: heavy you Monomakh ( "Accounting for Taxes..
Presentation powerpoint on Monomakh's Cap ... Pushkin essay on hard you Monomakh's Cap Slide Silver Wedding Presentation and lesson on the change of medical devices nouns on. . 3kl presentation Zdorovesberegajushchie technology in kindergarten presentation of research paper see a sample Instruction of Vladimir Monomakh presentation ... | Forum Oh, you're hard, Monomakh "Monomakh" (in ancient Greek..!
"Edinoborets") - epithet . Some of the Byzantine emperors in ancient Russia since became known as the Grand Prince of Kiev Vladimir Vsevolodovich (1053-1125) ... ... and aphorisms: heavy, you Monomakh's Cap Cap of Monomakh - Search by ... on the religion of the Russian tsars Download Cap of Monomakh cap is heavy you! Monomakh presentation -
Heavy Monomakh - told him jokingly Stepan Abramovich, hinting obviously not on one conversation with the princess, and the cause of the excitement Levin, he noticed (L. Tolstoy, Anna Karenina, 6, 14). Contents: Cap of Monomakh. Slide:
15 Presentation: Ivan Kalita.ppt, Subject: - Moscow Russia ... ... hard you Monomakh! From tragedy "Boris Godunov"
(1825) Pushkin (1799 1837). Lesson Focus: Is Heavy cap Monomakh Rostislavich? ... (Conversation with children). Working with the presentation. Slide with the text of the lesson topics: (whether it is heavy for Rostislav Monomakh?) Recently Added.
Presentation about Miass. Presentation of information and educational technology. Presentation of the 65th anniversary of the space flight of Yuri Gagarin. Presentation of the role of the MSC to improve the quality of teaching subjects. The exhibition "heavier you are, the cap
of Monomakh" began its work in the Palace of the book. ... In Ulyanovsk region will be a lecture-presentation "NM Karamzin
"Notes on Ancient and Modern Russia in its historical and civil relations" Lecture-presentation ... The last Russian tsar, who was married to the throne of this headdress was Peter I. A well-known phrase "heavy you, cap
of Monomakh" was extended after the tragedy AS Pushkin's "Boris Godunov" ... Modern women and men, especially those who live in metropolitan areas, it is very difficult to find a soul mate. ... No, not hard "Cap
of Monomakh" and beautiful and delicious! The cake should be left for a day in a cool place. hard you Monomakh! / Hunting for quotes ... | Heavy forum you Monomakh Ответы@Mail.Ru: ... "you hard, Monomakh's Cap?" ... Pushkin essay on you hard hat Monomakh went from Heavy you saying Monomakh? ... Presentation to the lesson of literature 7th grade on. Monomakh to the royal crown, the famous Cap of Monomakh, and put it on. Cap of Monomakh presentation. ... Recall that the exact copy of the Cap of Monomakh was made a group of private Russian jewelers specially for the 50th anniversary of the Russian President. Presentation on Physics free evaporation. Presentation in the classroom for RSV and piano at school February 1 species. Chemical and biological effect of a presentation of light. How to set the sound to the presentation. -
Good Heavy Monomakh. (Cap of Monomakh was crowned tsar Russian tsars. ... Domestic politics Slideshow

Cap of Monomakh - YouTube presentation on the topic: the symbol of power. Everyone is familiar with the phrase "heavy you Monomakh".
Got it spread after the tragedy AS Pushkin's "Boris Godunov". ... E-Mail (required). Site. Subject.
Notify me of follow up comments. Hard hat Monomakh essay. File description: Added:
11/12/2014 Downloads: 1637 File Status: available file publicly available: Yes File ... The writing on the topic, I and my Syabry. ...
parent meetings with presentations to grade 4. Hard you Monomakh! ... Cap of Monomakh - a crown, first Grand Prince of Kiev (her hat, "built" for the Vladimir Monomakh - hence the "flog" caps), then to the princes of Moscow and All Russia. (Cap of Monomakh was crowned tsar Russian tsars hard you Monomakh / Hunting for quotes [ActualForum] Presentation on "symbols of power" for free Learn-truth (ru) • View topic -.!.!
Kiev Psalter This ... I sincerely rejoice especially the fact that only for us cap can be improved without stripes tailor skill. ... 2. Prohibited blunt flood without reference to the subject. especially for the flooding, I'm working on chatikom.11 September 2013 Avg. Oh, you're hard, Monomakh! Pushkin Boris Godunov ... See crown of thorns Transkripkiya words....: . [tyajela shapka monomaha] Oh, you're hard, Monomakh "Monomakh" (in ancient Greek!
"Edinoborets") - the nickname of several Byzantine emperors ... Latin transkripkiya:.. [tyajela tyi shapka monomaha ]
Make a gift with their own hands or surprise everyone with his craftsmanship design presentations with the help of useful material, which in a large assortment ... Decorations for Windows. Screensavers. Themes and Skins. Wallpapers. History Cap of Monomakh download the presentation you hard, Monomakh! [tyajela tyi shapka monomaha]. ...
Oh, you're hard, Monomakh! "Monomakh" (in Greek "Edinoborets") - the nickname of several Byzantine emperors. 3 Copies eponymous; See also 4.; 5 Notes; Literature 6; 7 Links ... Presentation on "The Tale of Bygone Years" - download ... * ... (7-9 th grades) can take part several teams of 6. ... 7. Heavy thou hat
Monomakh. Presentation of chemistry about the cap Monomakh ... Cap of Monomakh - the main regalia Russian grand dukes and kings, one of the king's hats. Symbol of autocracy in Russia. It is a gold filigree spiky headdress ... an outline plan and presentation of the final repetition of algebra in grade 9. Punk subculture presentation. ...
Presentation on global climate change. Meaning phraseologism "Monomakh" - Ans4 Presentation of chemistry you hard hat Monomakh Burdensome you Monomakh: An expression characterizes a burden, a burden, a person liable to any post (official or non-official).. For example: the crisis. Hard you Monomakh! | KPU
Download powerpoint presentation on the topic Cap of Monomakh "... Oh, you're hard, Monomakh". Which means ... | Forum ... for easier nighttime conditions in them so the dealer receives and transmits to the base and the ... What does the phrase "Cap of Monomakh"?
Presentation on "Vladimir Monomakh" on history in powerpoint format. ... According to legend, this hat belonged
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Heavy Monomakh's Cap | Capacious knowledge!

pushes the burden of responsibility

There are aphorisms that not everyone can use, and not everyone can be addressed. They initially assume a high position in society. Here, for example: "It's hard you Monomakh!". So say the usual dignitaries, heads, on which depends the life of many people who have a great responsibility for the fate of the organization, enterprise, region, country and so on.

Sometimes it is said about the leaders: athletes, musicians, talk about leaders: athletes, musicians, scientists, those who are the face of the country in a particular area, it is a competition, contest. When their share drop some difficulties, they can say it a popular expression.

The author of the expression "heavy Monomakh" is, of course, not Vladimir Monomakh, and his contemporaries. The expression is taken from the tragedy of Alexander Pushkin's "Boris Godunov", which was written in 1825. In the scene, "King's Chamber" Godunov lamented the fact that there was an impostor, pretending to the imperial throne, and concludes: "Oh, hard you Monomakh!" Alexander was the author of a famous, recognized by his contemporaries, and his books do not lie in the bookshops . "Boris Godunov" quickly became popular, especially after the writing of Mussorgsky's opera on the product.

Some phrases from the tragedy soon became a popular expression. In addition to the severity of exclamation phrases such as "the people remain silent" winged ruler burden steel, "without further ado", "still one last tale - a chronicle over my", "boys blood in his eyes."

But back to the Cap of Monomakh. After all, "It's hard Monomakh" - not just a phrase that has become part of the catch phrase, but also a real and does exist thing. According to legend, this hat gave the Byzantine Emperor Constantine Monomakh Russian Czar Vladimir. Cap became a symbol of the continuity of power of the kings of the Russian Byzantine rulers. Her worn during the wedding ceremony in the kingdom, and then not used before accession to the throne next king. This continued until Rebel Peter I, which declared themselves emperor.

Peter, who fought with the archaic, introduced the coronation ceremony on the Western model, instead of the coronation. In place of a cap Monomakh came crown of the Russian Empire. Interestingly, the crown was made for the emperor, as a rule, new, unlike sacred caps. However, the crown of the Russian Empire has "not taken" in a popular expression for VIPs.


From tragedy "Boris Godunov" (1825) Pushkin (1799-1837). This is the final word, "King's Chamber" of the scene, which says Tsar Boris Godunov, after they learned that Lithuania declared an impostor:

Who me? An empty name, a shadow -

Shall the shadow with purple picks me

Or the sound will deprive children of my inheritance?

This Blow a ghost - and is not.

So I decided not fear, I will show -

But should not despise anything ...

Oh, you're hard, Monomakh!

"Monomakh" (in Greek "Edinoborets") - the nickname of several Byzantine emperors. In ancient Rus' became known as the Grand Prince of Kiev Vladimir Vsevolodovich (1053-1125) - Vladimir Monomakh, on behalf of his mother - the daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine IX Monomakh. Because of Prince Vladimir began to conduct their origin and Moscow kings, then the grand crown (Monomakh) has become an essential attribute of the power of the king of all Russia.

Ceremony of accession to the throne became also include ceremonial planting at the head of the future Tsar of All Russia specially made the king's crown (cap Monomakh) - coronation.

Once during the reign of Peter I, Russia became an empire (1721 - 1725), instead of the wedding ceremony to the kingdom, typical of Muscovite Rus, began to organize the ceremony of the coronation, and to replace the archaic royal crown came to the crown of the Russian Empire, which was carried out by the court jeweler ( Posier Jeremiah et al.) European traditions. Typically, for each sovereign, entering the imperial throne of Russia, it produces its own special crown.

Quoted: a complaint to the heavy share greater responsibility manager, leader, etc...

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