Author: | 08/23/2018

The WhatsApp there is a very convenient feature that allows you to block the contact. If you have a subscriber, which you do not wish to receive messages and calls, use it. How do we describe in detail in the instructions.

  1. Press the menu button
  2. Then go to " Settings "
  3. Select " Account "
  4. Next " Privacy "
  5. " Blocked "
  6. A window opens with a list of blocked contacts. To add a subscriber to the black list, click the person icon with a plus and a select number from the phonebook accident and you can forget about him, his messages and calls.

    To unblock a contact in WhatsApp, simply select it from the blocked list and confirm its intention to grant amnesty to the lucky.

Block a contact on the iPhone

The iPhone also has this feature, follow the instructions and you will forget about spam and annoying personalities.

  1. Click on the icon on the bottom right that says " Settings "
  2. Then, on the " Account "
  3. " Privacy "
  4. " Blocked "
  5. Adding a new contact, which want to forget and do not get any news.


And if you change your mind and want to unlock a person, there is nothing easier.

  • Click on " edit " in the list of blocked
  • Then, on the minus sign
  • And " Unlock. "
  • Or just slide the contact to the left and click " Unlock. "

How do you know that you blocked in WhatsApp

  • The first sign that you are in the black list, it is the absence of inscriptions, it was reported that when a person has been on the network "Was (s) on the network ...".
  • The second sign is the status of your messages. If a long time does not change the status to "Delivered" or "Read", then you may have fallen out of favor.

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