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What should be done close to the deceased on the ninth day? How to calculate it? We'll tell you about the rules and the meaning of the funeral dinner, prayer and visits to the cemetery that day.

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Why 9 days after death is so important? Why do you need to arrange a wake and order service in the Church? We will tell you that you should consider when organizing memorial dinner and how to hold the ninth day after the death of a close on all church canons.

Remember that this day is the "uninvited", so it is not accepted to invite guests. At a memorial meal come at will relatives and friends of the deceased, those who with all my heart wants to once again recall the man and honor his memory.

Commemoration begins with a prayer "Our Father", and then served the first dish - kutya. Typically it is made from wheat or rice, honey and raisins. It is advisable to kutya was consecrated in the church, but if this is not possible, simply sprinkle it with holy water. This dish is very symbolic, it represents eternal life: as the seed germinates in the ground, and a man is reborn in Christ.

Despite the fact that it's been 9 days from the date of death, the table is still not allowed alcohol, fun, laughter, profanity and fun songs. You also can not remember not the best side of the deceased, his bad deeds and vices. The phrase "kingdom of heaven departed" - is more than a formality. Therefore, let your requests for the best fate of the soul of the deceased were in fact heard, try to fully pray.

Do not take it a rule: more food - better wake. Well, if the meal is 9 days after death will be modest, no frills. After all, important, not the fact of the meal, but that came to people for whom the deceased had more value, it is important that they are now together, support each other and are ready to help grieving.

If you wake came for Lent on a weekday, it is necessary to wait for the output. Appearance present also plays a certain value. So, women should cover their heads, hair - gathered under the handkerchiefs. Men, on the contrary, should remove hats.

During the memorial can not forget about the needy. Especially if you left food. Good to go out and give it to the poor. In addition, you need to order a prayer for the deceased. This can be done in the church kiosk, simply by submitting a note with the name of the deceased. It is also possible you need to go to the tomb to a close. When visiting the cemetery shalt grave, light a candle. If there is an opportunity to invite the priest to make lithium, do so, if this is not possible - read the prayer themselves. Try to refrain from talking, much better if you just remember the deceased in their thoughts. In no case do not arrange a wake on the place of burial. At the cemetery, you can not eat or drink anything. Considered sacrilege to leave a glass of vodka with bread "for the deceased" and even more so to pour it on the grave mound.

Remember that you need to arrange a wake immediately after the funeral, for 9 days, 40 days and one year after the death. Also, arrange memorial dinner can be on the day of birth of the deceased on the day of his angel.

Many people are wondering how to count 9 day? Here we must be very careful, because in the Orthodox canons, by going from the day a person's death, even if he died at the end of the day, but no later than midnight. For example, a man died on 12 May. According to mathematical calculations (12 + 9) it is necessary to celebrate the commemoration on May 21, but in fact this should be the 20th day. In the life of the people there are situations where a person could not be buried on the third day, and on the fifth or sixth. When, in this case, to celebrate a wake? 9 days and 40 days are considered to be the date of death, and this is the first memorial meal is organized by day of the funeral.

Do not think of the ninth day as a formality to be followed. Remember that it is up to you in these days depends, you do harm to the soul of the deceased or to help her.

9 DAYS AFTER DEATH: What do you think the meaning of what happens to ...

9 days after death.  What happens to the soul of the deceased?

9 days after death. Why do we consider it a special day? Christians believe that human life does not end with his earthly existence. After all, people - it's not just his body. From the Holy Scriptures we know that the human body is mortal, but his soul is eternal. After death, the soul meets God. In all, this meeting takes place in different ways. To some it is given difficult because of the sins accumulated in this life, and who is experiencing great joy of meeting with the Heavenly Father. But all the people in need of support through prayer these days. You can pray in the church, the cemetery and behind closed doors. The soul of man is poisoned by sin and a meeting with a perfect God can be a great test for the soul of the deceased. But we know that the Lord is merciful and hears our prayers by giving us him absolution. Therefore, we can pray for the deceased. Reception, we know from the Church tradition, that some day in the after-life will be for him to be especially important and difficult. It is in these days the soul of man meets God, his posthumous fate is decided, he reconsiders the days of his earthly life, and often suffer from their sins, from the memories of moments when he could not resist the temptation to do something unjust. What happens to the soul in these days? How can I help the deceased?

9 days after death - what happens to the human soul?
9 days after death - the value of Orthodoxy

3 days, 9 days after the death, 40 days ... These dates - an important point for the soul of the deceased person. According to church tradition to 3 days after death, the soul remains with the body. It has already moved to a new state, but not quite left this world. On the third day of a person's soul goes to the Lord, where it can see the heavenly abode. On the ninth day of the soul before God and can find out what is - hell, eternal life without God. On the ninth day for the soul of man there comes a time of purification. Abide without the support of loved ones on that day the soul can be difficult. Posthumous memory of a person is saved, the soul knows and remembers that in this life are still people who can pray for him. Memory - it's part of the human person and never said that getting to heaven the soul of man completely loses its connection with the world. Especially in front of the terrible meeting with the abodes of hell. This meeting lasts longer, because the kingdom of heaven consists of "the narrow gate." Infernal abode more heavenly. But the fortieth day to determine further the fate of man and of the Last Judgment, the soul of the deceased will be in Paradise or in Hell until such time as the Lord will come "to judge the living and the dead", and there will come a new world. At the time of the Last Judgment, where the final will be decided the fate of all the people, they will be resurrected.

9 days after death - posthumous fate

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What happens to the soul of the deceased on the 9th day after death

Journey through Heaven and Hell - this is a figurative term. About how it was found God and man's soul after death we know nothing for certain. The earthly life of a man can not see God, so there is no doubt that after a trip to Paradise residence, meeting with God - it is a responsible and important point. Guardian Angel drove a man in the kingdom of heaven, and, lo, a man is on the worship Heavenly Father. Man is imperfect in this life, he made a multitude of sins. And the soul is difficult to sustain a meeting with the perfect Creator. Superstitious representations often depict Hell as a place with a frying pan and boiling pot. In fact, we know only figuratively, we are waiting for a man who is not in Paradise. Similarly, we know only that life without God - is a worry for the man, and all the good things that we have in the earth and the life to come - from God. Accurate promise we have. 3 days, 9 days after death and 40 days after death - these are the numbers that are often found in the Bible. Perhaps, 9 days after death - is a long time in our understanding, but we take the days as the time of the earthly, celestial time can go very differently. Count 9 days after death must be correctly. The usual mathematical method (add to a person's demise Day 9 days) - is the wrong way. To properly calculate the 9 days of the date of death, we must take into account the date on which the person died. Even if it happened at 11 pm. If a person died on 4 November 9th day of the death - 12 November. You should definitely take into account the date of death, if death has occurred during the day on November 4, the day is also taken into account in the calculation. It is for certain about the day after the death of 9, 40 day after his death, we know one thing - these milestones are special and most important to the human soul in his afterlife.

9 days after death - a special time for the soul
Commemoration on day 9 after death

The best thing for the soul of the deceased person - to go to the cemetery on the ninth day, ask a priest to perform a memorial service. Of course, you can pray for the soul of man and privately. We do not know exactly how our prayer is valid. Arguing about such things, only speculation, but the Church can be built explicitly says that the prayer of these days, and facilitate the participation of the deceased and give solace to relatives of a man who walked into eternal life. There are various prejudices and superstitions that say that on day 9 should not visit the cemetery after his death. But all statements that this - a bad omen, or in any way can harm the human soul does not correspond to reality. Church emphatically rejects the superstitious beliefs that are not based on the Church's Tradition. The experience of the Church says that a person can go to the cemetery, can not walk, if there is no such possibility. The main thing - to pray for the soul of the deceased.

9 days after death - whether to go to the cemetery?
9 days after death - what do relatives of the deceased

The death of a loved one or family member always gives rise to grief. God created us for eternal life, which is why death is perceived by our mind as something abnormal, contrary to human nature, frightening and wrong. "Death - it is the only penance that has escaped no one" - the priests say. We pay for the death of the imperfection of the world in which we find ourselves as a result of original sin. Our body is forcibly separated from the soul and, of course, is a test for the deceased and his family. The soul of man enters eternity in the same condition in which death found her. We never know when we come to God, that is why you need throughout life to try to live with dignity and justice. But Christians have a consolation. We know that our Lord Jesus Christ, "death by death." Lord took upon Himself our sins so that we can enter into eternal life. He conquered death. By the grace of your God has given us the opportunity to help the soul of man, which he can no longer help themselves by repentance. Paissy said the Holy Mountain "is the best memorial service for the deceased - the correction of his own life." Therefore, sincere prayer, without a formal approach, acceptable to God, and we really can still help our loved ones if we pray for them after their death.

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9 lney after death - how to pray?

If you can not invite a priest, you can read the litany of the dead for the layman. There is a special rite of lithium, which is done in secret and lay people in the cemetery. Despite the fact that we can not know exactly what gives the soul of the deceased is our prayer, we have a spiritual experience that has accumulated Russian Orthodox Church, and know that God always hears our prayers. He also sees a sincere desire to help the deceased, love neighbor to the man who went to a new world.

The prayers for the dead, we ask that on the 9th day after the death, at the meeting with God, the soul of man has received the ineffable joy and consolation, not sorrow for his unworthy life.

9 days after death - the time of trouble
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What prayer read on the 9th day after death

Chin lithium that lay people committed in secret and late grave is different from the rank of lithium, which is read by priests.

Here lithium, which can read and laity:

Through the prayers of our holy fathers, Lord Jesus Christ, our God, have mercy on us. Amen.

Glory to Thee, our God, glory to Thee.

Heavenly King, Comforter, Spirit of Truth, Who art everywhere and fulfilling all sy, Treasure good and Giver of life, come and abide in us and cleanse us from every impurity, and save, Blessed is our soul.

Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us. (Trizhdy)

Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Most Holy Trinity, have mercy on us; O Lord, cleanse our sins; Master, pardon our iniquities; Holy One, visit and heal our infirmities for Thy name's sake.

Lord have mercy. (Three times)

Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Our Father, who art in heaven! Hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, as in heaven and on earth. Our daily bread Give us this day; And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors; And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

Lord have mercy. (12 times)

Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

O come, let us worship God our King. (Bow)

Come, let us worship and fall of Christ, God our King. (Bow)

Come, let us worship and fall Christ Himself, and our God Tsarevo. (Bow)

Psalm 90

He that dwelleth in the help of the Most High, in the blood of God of Heaven shall remain. Saith unto the Lord: Thou my defense, and my refuge, my God, I trust in Him. That Thou will deliver thee from the network Lovcen and from the words of rebellious pleschma its overshadow thee, and His hope for krill: weapons obydet thee His truth. Uboishisya not fear noschnago from letyaschiya boom in the days of things in the darkness is transitory, and the demon of sryascha poludennago. Fall from thy country tysyascha, TMA and the right hand of you, for you do not approaching: obache ochima your smotrish and reward uzrishi sinners. For Thou, O Lord, my refuge, the Most High hast put thy refuge. It will not come unto thee evil, and the wound without approaching your Teles. Yako zapovest his angels about you, Saveor thee in all thy Puteh. In the hands rebelled thee, but not when the foot against a stone thy foot. On the asp and the basilisk nastupishi and popereshi lion and the serpent. Thou upon me trusting, and deliver and; pokryyu and cognition Thou my name. He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I am with him in tribulation, ism him, and honor him; length of days will perform it, and shew him my salvation.

Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, glory to Thee, O God. (Three times)

Troparion, Tone 4 th:

With the spirits of the righteous who died, the soul of thy servant, O Savior, the peace, keeping th in the blessed life, which is shed in thee, Lover of Mankind.

In pokoischi thy Lord, all ye saints shall idezhe upokoevayutsya, repose of the soul of Thy servant, Thou art the Lover of Mankind is One.

Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

Thou art God, soshedy into Hell, and the bond-bound razreshivy, he, and the repose of the soul of thy servant.

Now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

United clean and immaculate Virgin, without seed rozhdshaya God, pray his soul may be saved.

Sessional hymn, the voice of the 5th:

Peace, our Savior, with the righteousness of thy servant, and to instill this in Your courts, as He has written, despising, for theirs is good, his sins voluntary and involuntary, and the whole ordeal administered and not administered, Lover of Mankind.

Kontakion, Tone 8:

With the saints give rest, O Christ, the soul of your servant, idezhe carry the disease, nor sorrow, nor sighing, but life everlasting.


Sam Unit Thou Immortal, sotvorivy and creating human, earthly DRC by land sozdahomsya and land tuyuzhde come, as He has commanded Thou, creating a Name and reky E: Thou dust thou art, and to dust otideshi, amozhe TNI chelovetsy go, funeral sobbing tvoryasche song : Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.

It is Truly Thou truly the meet to bless thee, the Theotokos, and Prisnoblazhennuyu and Immaculate Mother of our God. More honorable than the Cherubim and more glorious beyond compare than the Seraphim, without corruption gavest rozhdshuyu God's Word, the very Theotokos, thee do we magnify.

Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Lord, have mercy (three times) , bless.

Through the prayers of our holy fathers, Lord Jesus Christ, our God, have mercy on us. Amen.

In blissful repose podazhd eternal rest, O Lord, Thy departed servant (name) , and create to him eternal memory.

Everlasting memory. (Three times)

His soul shall dwell in good, and his memory from generation to generation.

9 days after death - how to remember the dead?

PRAYER FOR 9 DAYS AFTER DEATH - Save and Protect - site about ...

According to Christian Orthodox beliefs physical death - this is the beginning of eternal spiritual life. The most important days are 9 and 40 day. Some prayers for 9 days after death read personally. If you are unable to read, then bought a memorial service in the church.

What you need to know prayer on day 9

After the death of a physical connection is interrupted. Spiritual bond with the deceased becomes eternal. In order to soul rest in heaven, relatives say prayers or bought Prayers for the Dead. There are several types of worship:

  • prayers for the dead parents;
  • prayer for the dead children;
  • widows prayer;
  • Prayer for the repose of the soul of the deceased to 9 days;
  • short prayer for the dead;
  • Psalms incessantly.

For proper prayers, namely, what to do for 9 days after death - what prayers to read, it is better to act, you can check with the priest. But do not forget to pray for the dead must always be. Periodically it is recommended to book Prayers or memorial service. After all, no one knows how much his soul in need of support. Especially on day 9, stand before God in anticipation of the verdict before the Last Judgment, all of you must know to go to the temple to pray. This will help facilitate care.

Prayer for the newly departed on day 9

In order to maintain a spiritual connection with the deceased, you must not only remember them, but also to make public prayers. Also, when the liturgy are asked to forgive and let go of the sins of the deceased. As long as the person is alive, he can go to church to light a candle for his health. Then pass the rite of communion, in order to repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness of their sins. In contrast to the deceased, which is located between two paths, and already he could not help himself. In such cases, the living relatives as often as possible go to the temple for a request to God for repentance of the soul of the past.

The text of the prayer on the 9th day of the dead, which is read first:

"Holy Guardian Angel, you were appointed the departed servant of God (name of deceased)! I beg you do not leave in this period of his soul, protect it from the evil scary demons; whether her defender in the invisible world of spirits, take the soul of the deceased under the wing of her and escorted her through the gate of the air; will stand for her intercession with God and pray the Almighty to have mercy and to let go of all earthly sins of the servant of God (name of deceased). Pray to the Lord does not send the soul of the deceased to the place of eternal darkness, and send it to the kingdom of heaven, where it will find eternal rest. "

Christian rules

In order to serve the Lord God eternal spiritual life, you need to properly adhere to the commandments of the Lord. Religious people try to make fewer bad things throughout their lives. To appear before the Judgment did not disgrace himself for committing offenses, Christians go to church and ask for forgiveness of their sins.

We are all sinners, so do not forget to pray for the deceased loved ones who are in need of support. Due Molen facilitate the participation of the soul. This means that he is loved, and the deceased was a good man. They may be reviewed and reduced the sins of the deceased soul. It is advisable to read the prayer after the funeral up to 9 days, all the relatives.

The life of the soul after death

Orthodox Christians believe that death is considered to be not the end, but the beginning of a new afterlife of eternal life. Mourn for the dead must be properly. You can not cry and worry all the time. We need to come to terms with death and begin to pray for the repose of the soul in heaven. After all, all the time restless soul will come and ask for consolation and humility.

Deceased remember only the good side, muttering all the virtues and good deeds. Lord God hears all and sees commemorate the deceased soul and what kind of prayers read. To this end, specifically spelled out in the Scriptures, "Prayer for the dead", which in the future can also be read on the anniversary. Strongly consider "prayer for the repose of the soul" - it is read in the church after the service. First, coming to church, give a note with the name of the deceased on the altar, it is desirable to defend the entire service and memorial service. Then, if desired, you can also partake. This assistance will also help clean the sinful soul of the deceased.

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What to do at 9 days after his death - to see off AS deceased

9 days after the death of what it means

Learn all about Deviatiny after death - what does this period, what is it about the customs and what to do to relatives of the deceased. Based on the beliefs and religious writings and traditions would deprive the non-compliance of the late paradisiacal life after the death, and didst send a grievous sin to his relatives.

9 days after death - a date value in Orthodoxy

Orthodox usually denoted by the third, ninth and fortieth day after death. Marks the anniversary, and in some regions, six months after the death. These days human afterlife, and each of them has its sacred significance. Relatives should be aware of and comply with customs and traditions that are associated with them.


Trial soul-nine days after death
Ordeals of the soul of the blessed Theodora, painting fragment in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra

In these nine days, the soul still finalizing the path started in life. She is looking for the way to a new world. If the third day is considered wide effort otherworldly way, and the fortieth - ending the ninth - the only one of the important stages of the posthumous journey.

Number 9 - one of the sacred numbers. The angelic hierarchy there are nine orders of angels. Ninth day after death is celebrated in honor of the deceased, and in their honor - the angels will defenders in the heavenly court . They perform the role of lawyers, asking God for mercy for every human being.

After the death, and the third day of the departed soul is far from dead. It is accompanied by a guardian angel. On the fourth, he escorts the dead of the heavenly gates. Until the ninth day he was busy inspecting Eden. Even without knowing the judgment that God will make on the fortieth day, the soul learns that awaits her in Paradise or Hell. In Eden, man waits rest from the pain that he has tasted of earthly life, remorse for sins committed.

On the ninth day, the Lord commanded the angels to bring the dead to his throne. This is the day that man first with fear and trembling stands before God. After a conversation with God, he will go to hell - to the fortieth day. After this journey through the afterlife soul waits Heavenly Court.

On the ninth day of the fortieth place ordeals of the soul. Together with the guardian angel overcomes it through tests that are sinful temptation. If the soul will pass inspection, a good half of it will overcome evil, and in his lifetime all sins will be forgiven her Heavenly Court.

ninth day after death
The souls there is anything that is in heaven. (Balmont KD)

Meaning Deviatiny after death for the soul of the deceased is important. At this time he is searching for the path that will follow. It is difficult to say what it will be. Some believe in reincarnation of the soul after death. Judging by the literature on reincarnation , in the period from the third day of the fortieth she is busy reviewing and analyzing their vital mistakes. There is a theory that the soul itself decides what will be its subsequent implementation.

If you follow the Christian sources, prepared for the righteous Paradise, and sinners - of torment in Hell. Soul of the deceased on the ninth day still busy looking for ways to continue. At this time, relatives of the deceased have to try to let him go. Completely forget about the pain and suffering can not be - these feelings imbued any loss. But calm the souls of living takes a lot about the deceased, try to benefit from the prayers, not tears. He will find peace, stop worrying about the living and move back to where he belongs.

In the Orthodox tradition, believe that from the fourth to the ninth days of soul show Paradise and then, from the ninth to the fortieth day - Hell. On Deviatiny deceased completely forget about all the sorrow that is felt throughout the earthly life. He remembers and bodily pain. Sinful souls at this time begin to experience true repentance. Therefore prayer loved ones are important at this point - the deceased useful support relatives.

They will be in place because at this time he appears before God for the first time. Prayers made to order, to arrange a wake, prayers, help the deceased to pass the test in other ways beyond the grave. During the service in the church is to ask about joining the soul among the angels. A relative can be your guardian angel. Pagans believe that the departed ancestors here to help you.

Mandatory component of any memorial - kutya , the traditional ritual dish, without which it can not do holidays. For the memorial meal it relies prepared from wheat and sugar or honey. Kutyu brewed from rice. It is not easy sweet dish for the meal. It has a sacred meaning.

commemoration at 9 days after death

Seeds represent the birth of a new life. They symbolize the resurrection of a man in the other world, and perhaps in the next incarnation. Sugar, honey or jam symbolize the sweetness of life after death. The finished dish should sanctify the church, if it is possible. Therefore it is considered sufficient to sprinkle holy water.

Compulsory Funeral feast - fruit compote or jelly, sometimes served brew. Put any porridge except kuti. The wake prepare pancakes, most are pies with sweet filling. Fish dishes are not prohibited - sandwiches with sprats, cakes, herring, cold snacks. Fries and noodles with poultry patties found on the memorial table. The first dish - soup.

Commemoration on day 9 after death - uninvited. To invite guests they are not accepted, they come on their own. Anyone can come who wish to remember the deceased. According to tradition, must be present relatives, people who washed the deceased were making a coffin and dug a grave. In the old days did neighbors, friends, family and colleagues. Now these people are engaged in a funeral bureau, so tradition has lost its meaning. Where better to entrust this work to specialists than to err on the funeral. If you trust the signs, some of which are life.

Feast begins on the sad occasion to read the prayer "Our Father." Can be read aloud, repeating for the relatives of the deceased, praying in a whisper or silently. After the prayer, serve the first dish - kutya.

Regarding foods and beverages that should be given on the table, the rules a bit and remember them easily. Banned is alcohol. On most memorial fed vodka, but this can not be done. Drunkenness - a misdemeanor. At the memorial service predavanie this sin can seriously harm the soul of the deceased. Therefore, the signs of the cemeteries are not advised to bring alcohol on the graves.

Do not overdo with the dishes. Among that is 9 days after death - preparation for the Heavenly Court and consideration of all offenses. Gluttony - one of the offenses. So do not transgress in honor of the deceased, it will negatively affect his post-mortem existence. The table should be modest, no frills. the adoption of the food itself does not matter. It is important that people are going to remember deceased relatives and support.

Despite the desire to rid the memorial table from luxury to calculate the number of products, so that nothing remained difficult. Deviatiny on the number of guests can not be predicted - they come uninvited, as desired. If, after the funeral feast was left food or foods they give to the poor. You can not throw.

9 th day after death

As in the first commemoration, the table is forbidden to laugh, have fun, to arrange choral singing. Can not remember the bad things, the negative addictions and habits, character traits of the deceased. Until the fortieth day will decide on the location of the soul - in Paradise or Hell. Negative memories, expressed aloud, will tip the scales to the terrible sentence.

It is very important the appearance of people who are going to honor the memory of the deceased. Women are supposed to cover the head with a scarf, collecting the hair underneath. Men can not remain in a memorial room in hats, they should be removed at the entrance. Now cover the head during a memorial family is mourning black scarves.

that makes for 9 days after death

What they do on Deviatiny after death - family labor, which will benefit the deceased in the afterlife. Not only by his actions it depends on where he will be - in Heaven or in Hell. Relatives and close friends also play a role. What does the ninth day after the death of ... unite people and angels in this period, to help the deceased to get into Heaven. Therefore it is impossible to treat memorial days, as a formality. This is the time when the living can help the soul that dwells in the hereafter.

For a believer hike to the church on the 9th day after the death of a close - mandatory. You need to order a prayer and light a candle for the dead. Pray beside icons of God's grace and help of angels in the Heavenly Court. And you can ask the house to a relative of the deceased, but the service for the repose of order - from going to the church.

Prayers for the repose of the soul and of God to be merciful to her, and allowed to be in Paradise, can follow anyone. The more people pray for the soul of the deceased, the chances of a positive verdict on the Heavenly Court. Contact is possible and to God, and to angels, and to the Holy Spirit.

Towards noon, visit the grave of the deceased. Place your order there, remove the garbage, bring flowers and wreaths. Light a candle in the icon lamp. You can invite a priest for lithium - service, which is carried out over the grave. If this is not possible, read the prayer alone. Please refrain from talking on extraneous issues. During a visit to the graves of the deceased to remember better - aloud or mentally.

Organize a wake at the cemetery can not be - it is forbidden ancient omens about the funeral. I do not recommend it, and the priests. Attention is drawn to them for drinking alcohol. Do not harm the soul of the deceased, wait wake. Never leave alcohol in a glass beside the grave, can not pour it on the mound. You can leave the "lunch", sweets and other treats. More often than not bring what is given at the funeral that day. Sweets and pastries are distributed to the cemetery to strangers that they commemorated the deceased.

Or good, or nothing
Good or Nothing

At the memorial service, and conversations supposed to remember the good actions of the deceased. Now God is attentive to all his bad deeds, and he must hear that live have a positive opinion of the man. Not just say a bad word or negative memories spoil everything.

On this day, give alms to the poor, money or food - you decide. As already mentioned above, can be fed foods that are left after the memorial.

The house, like a graveyard, put a little lamp in honor of the deceased, a glass of water and bread. These tokens are near his portrait with a black mourning ribbon. On the ninth day, you can remove the veil from the mirrors in all rooms except the bedroom of the deceased.

It believed to 9 days after death

Count nine days after his death - just. The first - the day of death. If a person has died in the late evening or at night - the death occurred before midnight. This day would become the anniversary of the death.

According to medical statistics, most deaths in the period between 3 and 4 o'clock in the morning. This time called the time "between the wolf and the fox" . It is worth to know that in the calculation of days, consider the same date, which will see on the calendar at the time - as in all other calculations of dates, a new day in the case of the death of come after midnight.

Mathematical addition of the number 9 to the date of death is wrong. Suppose that a man died on January 18 and will add 9:

18 + 9 = 27

Deviatiny for this dead come not 27, and on January 26th. This date does not depend on the funeral. By tradition, the Inter three days after death. But it happens that the burial take place on the fifth, the sixth day after death. From the onset of this ninth and fortieth day is independent, is designated by the death.

Is believed to 9 days after the death, if a person dies during Lent ... Such calculations need faithful people who are fasting. At this time, if Deviatiny falls on a weekday, it must be transferred to the output.

Everyone should have information about the funeral and memorial traditions. This knowledge can not be considered desirable, and learn that hardly anyone wants to needlessly. But, sad to realize it, each person will sooner or later have to bury loved ones. This means that you have to deal with burials and memorials. Knowing what to do and Deviatiny relatives in what should be a wake, you will help the departed soul. Remember that it is also not easy - start the ordeals of the soul. From how it will manifest itself during these tests depends on his future in the afterlife.

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Commemoration 9 days after death What does it mean, right and ...

Spirit, soul and body - the creation of God. If the body has a temporary nature, the spirit and soul live forever. The task of humanity as live earthly life, keep the commandments of God, to see the kingdom of heaven after death.

Commemoration at 9 days after death - an important ritual to help the deceased to move to another world, and alive to forgive and let go of it.

Where is the soul after the death of 9 days

According to the canons of the Orthodox soul of the newly departed not immediately sent to God's purpose, it is 40 days on the ground after leaving the body.

These days, relatives, friends constantly praying for the deceased in the other world, in particular noting the 3, 9 and 40 days.

The main thing to understand why it is so important these days to properly hold a wake on the 9 days after death. Nine days after the death, the meaning of the memorial is to pray for the deceased to God.

Number 9 is a sacred number. After death, the body is at rest, sheltered ground, and the soul continues to be on the ground. It is nine days after the funeral, what it means for the soul of the deceased?

Afterlife begins from the first day. On the third day the soul departs from the house, went to nine days walking. Six days of the deceased held a special way, in preparation for a personal meeting with God. On the fortieth this road ends.

Commemoration at 9 days after the death of the deceased to help with trepidation and fear be before the throne of God - judges.

The angels in God's hierarchy have their ranks. It was nine days stay on the path ends posthumous selection angels defenders who become lawyers before the King of kings in God's court.

Each of the angels will ask God for mercy, presenting evidence of the righteous life deceased person.

Three days a guardian angel is with the living soul around, and quads day the deceased goes to heaven to discover.

The sentence of God's judgment has not yet sounded, everyone gets the newly departed to the heavenly spaces, to rest from the pain haunted him on the ground. Here deceased person shows all of his sins.

Candles on cemetery

Meaning 9 days

On the ninth day the angels lead the newly departed to the throne of God, after a conversation with the Almighty God, the soul goes to hell.

It is not God's final decision. During the journey begins hellish ordeal of the deceased, which is to go through the test. The complexity and depth of them depend on the sinful temptations that meet the deceased during his trip to the hellish path. Souls of the dead, that this journey will show that good triumphs over evil, can rely on God's forgiveness on the court.

The importance of the ninth day after the death of a person - the deceased is still not defined by God in its path. Prayers, memories of family and friends have undeniable help the departed. Their memories of the life of the newly departed, his good deeds, forgiveness offended bring calm leaving the shower.

According to the Orthodox traditions can not always shed tears for the dead man, thus keeping his soul on earth. Finding peace, relatives and friends give solace departed relative who, leaving, no longer cares about the people he left behind.

Walking the road of hell, sinners are able to repent, live prayers are strong support for them during a difficult journey.

Prayer requests are filled with the living dead to join the angels. God willing, if deceased loved one becomes the guardian angel of someone from relatives.

How to count 9 days

In the calculation of this sacred day it has a value of not only the day, but the time of death. Commemoration satisfied no later than the ninth day, and more often it is done the day before, but not later.

If a person died in the afternoon, the commemoration should be done within 8 days . Date of death is not related to funeral time. According to the Orthodox tradition, the body of Inter in the second, third day, but there are cases that the date of burial is transferred to the sixth and seventh day.

Accordingly, the commemoration date calculated depending on the time of death.

Mourning for the traditions of Orthodoxy

Commemoration is not a simple ritual. On the ninth day, relatives and friends gather for dinner to pay tribute to the deceased, leaving in his mind the best moments of his life.

At a memorial dinner is not accepted invite people, they come on their own. Of course, it should be clarified where and when this event occurs, notify relatives of their wish to attend the dinner.

Begins and ends with the commemoration of the Lord's Prayer.

The prayer "Our Father"

Our Father, who art in heaven!
hallowed be thy name;
Thy kingdom come;
Thy will be done, on earth as in heaven;
our daily bread Give us this day;
And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors;
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.

Few people specifically studying burial, funeral rites and traditions, but one can not escape the fate to bury or remember someone from the family.

How to lay the table

Memorial dinner has nothing to do with the celebration. During the commemoration of the deceased can not be fun, songs and laughter .

Alcoholic beverages that cause dissimilar case of behavior that is not recommended by the Church.

Drunkenness - a great sin, and during funerals people pray for the forgiveness of sins of the living and the dead. Tradition drunkenness during the nine days of remembrance may harm the deceased.

After the prayer, everyone present at the memorial dinner man puts his plate kutyu, specially prepared and consecrated in the Church of the dish.

Each region has its own tradition of cooking this dish. The main ingredients kuti is honey and corn:

  • rice;
  • wheat;
  • corn;
  • millet.

Grain is not accidental. It has a sacred meaning. As the seed dies in the preparation kuti, so a person dies. He can be reborn in a new form, resurrected in the kingdom of heaven. Honey and poppy seeds added to kutyu to wish the deceased heavenly life.

Raisins, nuts are not always present in the lean kute, because their symbolism - a prosperous, healthy life.

Sweets such as jam, honey or sugar, are added as symbols of heavenly sweet stay.

Should not be turned into a simple commemoration eating food. This time, the memories of the dead and comforting ones.

Rules of conduct during the funeral party

Begin a memorial dinner with first course, usually a soup.

Memorial menu always includes porridge, often it is peas, which serves fish, chops or poultry.

Selection of cold snacks is also in the host country authorities.

From drinks on the tables there or stewed fruit compotes. At the end of the meal is fed with sweet filling cakes or pancakes thin poppy or cottage cheese.

Create rituals during the adoption of the memorial meal - an invention of people. Modest meal is not the main event of the day. Gathered people during a meal quietly look back on the life of the departed person.

It is not recommended to talk about the bad actions or character traits of the past. Church calls not direct attention to the fact that the deceased was not an angel, not to hurt him during a trip to hell.

Any sin during the commemoration on day 9 can harm the deceased.

Negativism, brightening at the commemoration, is pushing a deceased person to a terrible sentence.

All the food that remained after the funeral dinner, it is recommended to distribute to the poor families, needy neighbors or simply poor.

Lent imposes particularly strict ban on alcohol.

Does the type of clothing

In conducting the funeral party prayers are, so women cover their heads with scarves or scarves. On Day 9 black shawls can be only close relatives, as a mark of extreme sadness.

Men on the contrary, take off hats, stand before God in prayer with his head uncovered.

Candles for the repose of the church

Behavior in church

presence in the memorial service on the occasion of nine days necessary for Orthodox families.

All those present in the temple, people light candles for the repose of the deceased at this routine:

  1. You should first go to the icon, about which there are candles on the peace, as a rule, it is the image of the crucified Jesus, the sign of the cross.
  2. Pre-purchased a candle lit from the other candles. If not, then allowed the ignition of the fire from the lamps. Do not use matches or lighters, brought with them.
  3. Set a lighted candle on an empty seat. Pre can be slightly melted the bottom edge of the candle, so that she was stable.
  4. Ask God upokoit soul of the deceased person, it should be called his full name.
  5. To cross, to bow and quietly move away from the lamp.

To pray for the repose of candlesticks, located on the left side of the temple, made in a rectangular shape in contrast to the round tables with candles for the health.

Candles, put in the temple, symbolizing the collective request, a prayer for the newly departed.

Praying for the souls of the departed to the afterlife in Heaven sent requests for the great mercy of God to the sinful deceased person. The more people pray for the gift of forgiveness, the lower falls the balance with forgiveness.

You can ask both God of angels, of saints.

Prayer for the dead on the 9th day

"God of the spirits and of all flesh, death and the devil uprazdnivy corrected, and thy belly darovavy world! , O Lord, repose of the soul of Thy servant: the Patriarch Metropolitan, archbishops and bishops, in the priests, the church and the monastic rank you served;

the founders of this holy temple, the Orthodox patriarch, father, brothers and sisters, zde lying everywhere; chiefs and warriors for the faith and fatherland which laid down their lives, the faithful murdered in internecine warfare, sunk, burnt, on frozen filth, torn by beasts, without repentance died suddenly and had not managed to come to terms with the Church and with their enemies; in izstuplenii mind samoubiennyh, those of whom commanded and asked us pray, about which legion who prays and faithful burial Christian people deprived of (name) in place of lighter, in place of cereal in place of the deceased otnyuduzhe otbezhe disease, sorrow and sighing.

Every sin, committed by them by word or deed or thought, like a gracious Lover of mankind, God forgive me, For there is no man liveth, and does not sin. Thou art alone art without sin, Thy righteousness - the truth for ever, and thy word - the truth. For Thou art the resurrection, the life and Peace of Thy servant (name of the river), O Christ our God, and unto Thee we ascribe glory to Thy Eternal Father, and the Holy One, and good, and life-giving Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen".

How to behave at the cemetery

  1. After attending a memorial service at her poisoned people in the cemetery, bringing flowers.
  2. At the grave should light the oil lamp, read the prayer "Our Father", if not a guest priest read lithium.
  3. Several people speak out loud about the deceased person, the other remember him mentally. Not recommended during a visit to the cemetery to conduct worldly conversation, talking on extraneous issues.
  4. It is prohibited to organize a memorial meal near the grave, the more drink alcohol. It can harm mental state of the deceased.
  5. Do not leave food on the newly departed grave. To honor the memory of the deceased ask the poor, giving, as a favor, they are sweets, biscuits, cakes and sweets. It could be money donated to the poor. The decision in this case only for the relatives.
  6. Leaving the cemetery, it is necessary to extinguish the oil lamp, so as not to cause a fire in the grave.

Supplications, supplications and prayers of loved ones are able to beg God for forgiveness in heaven departed loved one, appearing before the Almighty on the ninth day.

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