WHAT TO DO IF earache AT HOME The child

Author: | 08/25/2018

The child has a sore ear: what to do
The child has a sore ear: what to do

Children's ears (and more specifically - the Eustachian tube) are arranged in such a way that many external factors can trigger a violation of the tender and easily vulnerable organ. It is for this reason that many parents do not know firsthand about similar issues that occur in 75% of all children under the age of 3-yoh years.

Sharp, totally unexpected, often occurs at night or late in the evening ear pain prevents sleep, worried and delivers a lot of suffering. Unbearable to watch it all, but what if the child has a sore ear, and visits to the doctor this minute it is impossible? How to help the crumbs to calm him down? First you need to analyze the situation and understand what the reasons might cause this pain.

Possible reasons

Find out why the child has ear pain, and parents can own. To do this, we must remember that the child is doing in the last days (reasons could be external factors), as well as what he had been ill for the last week (the pain may be the result of suffering a disease). Determining the cause will help in the future to appoint the proper treatment and contribute to a speedy recovery. The most common factors that cause ear pain in children are:


  • swimming if water gets into the ear, especially often it happens, if it was either cold or dirty;
  • entering of a foreign body;
  • ear trauma (bruise, burn, sting, burst eardrum and so forth.);
  • formation of a large cerumen in the ear canal;
  • walking in windy weather without a hat.

  • the most common cause of ear pain in children is otitis media: it can be average - is an inflammation that is characteristic of the middle ear, it is most likely to occur as a consequence of rhinopharyngitis (mucous pharynx and nose); or outer - an inflammation of the external auditory canal, which can develop after a furuncle or a wound in the ear canal;
  • otomycosis (fungus);
  • evstahiit - inflammation of the Eustachian tube;
  • viral infection;
  • nedolechennaya colds or most of its beginning;
  • Some diseases occur so that pain may give ear is mumps, sinusitis, tonsillitis or dental problems;
  • lesion of the auditory nerve;
  • neoplastic processes;
  • pathology different adjacent organs (brain, eye, nose, throat, neck, and surrounding vessels);
  • high blood pressure and intracranial, the cerebral circulation and hypotension.

Parents should try to find out if the child has ear pain, which of these factors could provoke malaise. If it is a certain difficulty, it is necessary to know what the symptoms of more, but pain is accompanied by one or another ear disease in children. They will help to more accurately diagnose the pathology and in accordance with this child have the necessary medical care to the arrival of the doctor, to alleviate his condition.

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If your child complains that his ear hurts, you need to watch carefully over its condition and inspect its acoustical shell. Sometimes it helps to more accurately determine what happened to the baby's ears really. So, what is the primary examination, which can make the parents at home.

  1. Examine the baby's ear. Perhaps it will be enough only to gently remove foreign body from it, if it is shallow. To do this, tilt the child's head down the patient's ear. It is impossible in this case to use any cotton swabs or tweezers: because you can push a foreign body even further.
  2. Click on the tragus - the so-called cartilaginous external auditory canal in front of the projection: if the child responds to your action quietly, most likely the problem - in other organs and pain this place gives only.
  3. Assistant becomes a thermometer. If the child has a sore ear, and the temperature has risen, we have to be some kind of inflammatory process -. Otitis, evstahiit, etc. In this case, before the arrival of the doctor can only give antipyretic in small doses, age-appropriate baby.
  4. If the child has ear pain without fever, the cause of ailments could be any external factor or blood pressure problems. So it is not out of place to measure it, if parents have such skills.
  5. Sometimes it can go pus, which indicate an infection.
  6. If the child has ear swelling became bluish color - it can be an insect bite or a simple bruise.
  7. Itching indicates fungal infection.
  8. Very often, if the child badly hurt the ear, it is capricious and cries even shouts, refusing to eat, can not sleep. Parents need in this case to be patient, give your child a pain reliever and provide first aid before the arrival or doctor visits.

This symptomatology is necessary to find out in a matter of minutes, as the stop to torment the child as soon as possible. Ear pain in its power is matched only by the tooth, so proceed with the first and required such can not be used. Parents need to know how they can help their own child at home if he has the ear was ill.

First aid

The child's ear hurts: first aid at home
The child's ear hurts: first aid at home

Only your doctor after the examination can say for sure, than to treat the baby if he has an ear ache. But there are situations when before saving advice still need to survive. And here it is important to every parent to know how to provide first aid when the pain in the ear of a child, which arises very often late in the evening and even at night. A small guide to help cope with panic and relieve the unbearable pain to the reception at the doctor.

  1. Call the local doctor or even a brigade "first aid".
  2. Prior to their arrival, give your child any pain medication, taking into account his or her age. Especially if the child has ear pain during the night and can not sleep, and the doctor does not have the possibility to visit earlier in the morning.
  3. Make alcohol compress on the ear, the first layer - impregnated gauze alcohol, which has a cutout for the ear; second - cellophane with same cutout; the third - to warm, is a warm scarf that wrapped her head.
  4. If the child has a high fever and a sore ear, you can give antipyretic, but only if the situation is critical and otherwise facilitate the baby condition is not obtained. You can try to moisten the cotton wool in warm boric acid and shut her ear that hurts. Let him drink more plain water.
  5. If you have this type of situation is not uncommon - it is possible to use the ear drops that were previously prescribed to the child the doctor (for example, are often prescribed "Otipaks", "otinum" or "Anauran").
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That's all you can do to a doctor soon. Of course, it is very important for parents in that situation - calm yourself, be patient and do not panic, even if the front - a sleepless night with a sick child. Not to raise his voice, take your hands, swing, try to do his little whim. Make everything so that he could at least for a while forget about their pain. After visiting the doctor it will be much easier, because it will be given treatment.

How and what treat

At the hospital, the baby will inspect, identify the real cause of earache and arrange appropriate treatment. Those parents who have children who are often hurt the ears, know that along with drug therapy specialists are often advised to use folk remedies. With proper use of them, you can speed up the recovery of the child and avoid further complications.


1. Antibiotics (penicillin injection) for 7-10 days prescribed for infections, inflammations. Upon cancellation of such therapy may result in meningitis otitis media, mastoiditis, brain abscess.

2. Ear drops:

  • " Otipaks " - are assigned with otitis media as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug comprises lidocaine, which often causes allergic reactions in children;
  • " Otofa " - used to treat acute disorders of the middle ear, provides a powerful antibiotic rifampicin;
  • " Garazon " - a drug with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect;
  • " Otinum " - it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, is contraindicated in children under 1 year;
  • " Sofradeks " - a powerful antibiotic;
  • " Remo-Wachs " - is indicated for the removal of cerumen.

3. Processing liquid paraffin or hydrogen peroxide produced when removing the child from the ear cerumen.

4. Washing of the ear canal is indicated for fungal infections. Also used for disinfecting ointment Wisniewski, hydrogen peroxide, and pine nut oil.

Folk remedies

The most effective recipes at home:

  1. Almond or peanut oil heated to a warm state, drip 1 drop three times a day in the affected ear.
  2. The dry chopped chamomile (1 teaspoon) Pour hot water (1 cup), cover, leave as long as the infusion will not warm. Strain. Irrigate gently sore ear twice a day. Especially this folk remedy works well in purulent secretions, otitis and other inflammations.
  3. Dilute honey with water in equal proportions, bring to a boil, lower it thin, but a slice of beetroot, cook for half an hour. Let cool, wrap in cheesecloth and apply to the ear that hurts. Such a poultice of boiled in honey beets helps to speed up recovery in almost any disease.
  4. Fresh lemon balm (sprig) Pour hot water (1 cup), cover, leave as long as the infusion will not warm. Strain. Irrigate gently sore ear twice a day. Infusion of lemon balm can also give the child inside, as a tea, but only if it does not have an allergy to it.
  5. Mix honey and propolis tincture alcohol in equal proportions. Drip in the form of heat to 1 drop three times a day in the affected ear.
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From folk remedies need to be extremely careful and not to use them on the advice of grandmothers, neighbors: only on prescription. Otherwise, you can trigger the development of complications such as deafness, diseases of the eardrum, hearing loss. To avoid them, it is much easier to remember on preventive measures rather than bring the matter to the unbearable pain.

Protect children's ears: make sure that they did not fall anything, keep your head crumbs always warm, strengthen its immunity to any infection is not impressed by the little body. The only way you can get to the happy 25% of children who do not know what a pain in the ears.

Earache the child without a fever, EMERGENCY CHILD

(Votes: 50, average: 2.92 out of 5)

Earache the child
Earache the child

Parents of more than 70% of children aged 0 to 5 years, faced with such a problem, when it hurts the ear of the child without temperature or with an increase thereof. And well, if such an attack occurred on weekdays when you can immediately contact your doctor or call him at home.

But in some cases, everything happens very bad time: at the time of rest in the country or in the village, on weekends, at night, when there is no possibility of the child immediately see a doctor and treated. Some parents are lost, if the child has ear pain during the night. What to do in such a case, how to relieve their suffering and to live up to the saving specialist advice?

The causes of pain in the ears

Before you begin to self-medicate (which, incidentally, would be better not to engage in) and start to do something to relieve the state of crumbs, you need to figure out what caused the pain, what is the cause.

May be several reasons:

  • Trauma or insect bite. They are usually characterized by blueness and swelling of the eye.
  • The presence of a foreign object in the ear canal. Little kids can stick in your ear some small toy or a bead.
  • Contact with water during bathing. This can occur both in nature and in the home, and after visiting the pool.
  • Education cerumen when the child's ears have not been cleaned.
  • Otitis media - the most common disease that is a consequence of prolonged cold or other colds. This is the most common cause of ear that hurts a child under the age of 5 years.
  • The fungus in the ear. He also usually accompanied by severe itching.
  • Viral infection. She is accompanied not only by ear pain, but also an increase in temperature, and discharge from the ear with an unpleasant odor.
  • Neoplastic processes.
  • Elevated blood pressure and intracranial or, conversely, hypotension. In this case, the temperature does not rise, but to measure the pressure of the baby makes sense.
  • Lesions adjacent organs (neck, nasopharynx, eye, brain).
  • Ear pain may occur as an echo with pain of a different nature, such as toothache, pig, angina, etc.

In addition to these causes of ear pain in children may be associated with anatomical features the child's body, as well as genetic predisposition. If mom or dad as a child often faced with the problem of otitis media, then the child is more likely to be susceptible to the same disease.

And do not underestimate the role of warm hats, especially in windy and cold weather. Ear can just "inflate", as they say.

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