January 28, 2023

TunnelBear is a public VPN service based in Toronto, Canada. It was created by Daniel Kaldor and Ryan Dochuk in 2011. In March 2018, TunnelBear was acquired by McAfee.

Pricing and Subscriptions

We had a total of three subscription choices with TunnelBear, two of which are geared toward individuals and one of which is geared toward teams, probably as part of a business. We chose the unlimited plan so that we wouldn’t have a data usage cap because we wanted to test TunnelBear for personal use, but the free option wasn’t a bad idea either.

Free Subscription

Despite its restrictions (the plan only allows for 500 MB of data), TunnelBear is one of the best free VPNs we’ve tested. It’s a good way to test the VPN before purchasing it. The number of devices you can use with the VPN is five for both the paid and free plans. Aside from the data cap, the only other difference between the free plan and the paid plan is customer support; when we had a paid subscription, our inquiries to customer support received priority attention. The services are identical everywhere else.

For Businesses

As long as your company has two or more users, TunnelBear also offers a subscription called Teams that would be suitable for commercial use. Once more, the business plan offers unlimited data and five connected devices per user, but it also includes a personal account manager and consolidates all billing and management into one easy-to-access location.

The monthly cost of the business plan is $5.75 per user, slightly higher than the monthly cost of the personal plan ($3.33). The convenience of the account manager should you have any questions, as well as the convenience of not having to keep track of multiple VPN accounts, is what you are actually paying for.

Personal subscriptions at TunnelBear cost between $0 and $3.33 per month, which is significantly less expensive than the industry average. With prices this low, they don’t seem to have any discounted yearly plans, and we liked the flexibility of the month-to-month subscription anyway. Additionally, teams can use TunnelBear’s service for seven days at no cost. I have no complaints!


If you’re a student or a member of a non-profit group that defends the Internet from censorship, there are a few ways to make TunnelBear’s prices even more affordable. Let’s get more specific.


You can save 70% on a two-year subscription to TunnelBear, which does not have a data cap, if you are in school and a member of the free Student Beans network2. Since we are not students and therefore cannot sign up for Student Beans, we were unable to see the exact pricing, but given TunnelBear’s already reasonable prices, we are confident that this is a great day for students who don’t want to pay full price for a VPN.

Non-profits Against Internet Censorship

In fact, 8% of VPN users work in journalism, research, whistleblowing, or activism and want to conceal their activities from their ISPs, as we discovered in our annual VPN usage research. As a result, there are many reasons why someone would download a VPN like TunnelBear in the first place. Additionally, 9% of people want to get around restrictions imposed by colleges, offices, or other institutions, and 9% specifically want to get around government web censorship. In conclusion, VPNs can be used to circumvent any kind of Internet censorship, which is crucial to TunnelBear’s mission.

Get free annual subscriptions to TunnelBear for your team if your organization supports human rights advocates or journalists who fight Internet censorship. This program includes organizations like the Open Technology Fund, Internews, and AccessNow, and TunnelBear is constantly looking for new NGO partners.

What We Favorite

Despite the price, we thoroughly enjoyed TunnelBear after testing it out for a number of reasons:

  • Kill switch: The WiFi at our office is occasionally unreliable, but when it did one morning, TunnelBear made sure that our web browsers did too, safeguarding the security of our traffic.
  • Torrenting: Despite having TunnelBear turned on, we still download TV shows and movies without fear of being caught (not that we were doing anything illegal, of course).
  • Strong encryption: We felt secure knowing that the 256-bit military-grade encryption used to protect our web traffic.
  • Dynamic IP addresses: We received a different IP address each time we connected to TunnelBear. Every time we left the house, it was like donning a new disguise, making us more difficult to find.
  • Free option: Although there is a 500 MB data cap, TunnelBear’s free option is a fun, risk-free trial that we enjoyed using.
  • Fair pricing: Even the paid subscription option, at just $3.33 per month, didn’t put too much strain on our wallets.
  • Flexible contracts: Since we are technology commitment averse, TunnelBear didn’t require us to sign agreements lasting more than a month.
  • Unlimited data: The paid plan allowed us to connect to TunnelBear and use as much data as we wanted without worrying about a cap. This allowed us to stream, browse, and shop online without restriction.
  • Unlimited server switches: While we were traveling in the Philippines and Poland, it was helpful to be able to jump on as many servers as we pleased.

More Digital Security from TunnelBear

Beyond their VPN, TunnelBear offers more services. They also offer a password manager and a tracking blocker as additional services. Although we didn’t use either ourselves, we have provided some fundamental details about these services below.


Although we love the Internet, we don’t love having to remember dozens of usernames and passwords. Our love for password managers stems from the fact that using the same password for every account wouldn’t be great for our online security. Password managers ensure that all of our usernames and passwords are lengthy, complex, and particular to each account, and they also generate new passwords for us when we need them. They keep all of our usernames and passwords in an encrypted vault.

RememBear is the name of TunnelBear’s version of a password manager. With RememBear, we could access our accounts much more easily by using face and fingerprint ID on our iPhones or a passcode that was sent to our mobile device. RememBear is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac computers. It is also available as Chrome and Firefox browser extensions, and it comes pre-installed on the Mac Safari app. A 30-day free trial of RememBear is available. You will then need to pay for a one- or two-year plan, but the costs are fairly affordable.

These prices are incredibly low compared to other password managers on the market, though we wish they offered a monthly plan.

TunnelBear Chrome Blocker

Additionally, TunnelBear provides a free Chrome extension that disables cookie and ad tracking. The blocker may be useful for someone who wants a little more privacy without downloading a full VPN, even though the browsing isn’t completely anonymous because our Internet Service Provider could still see the websites we visited and our private IP address. Hey, there’s a range of privacy!

Which Devices Can I Use With TunnelBear?

For iPhones, iPads, Macs, Androids, and Windows devices, TunnelBear has apps. Additionally, they have extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. However, TunnelBear might not be the best VPN for you if you use a Linux device or want to encrypt your web traffic directly from your router.

Cancelling TunnelBear

Given their free and monthly options, TunnelBear is a little less sweet than honey when it comes to cancellation. In essence, once we paid for TunnelBear, we were unable to cancel it and receive a refund, but doing so would stop the payment from recurring.


Pricing for TunnelBear is reasonable; personal plans cost $3.33 per month, while business plans start at just $5.95 per user per month. Read our in-depth review of TunnelBear to learn more about the app’s features and how we tested them.

How To Use TunnelBear Premium Account Free

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  4. Use all the account information provided, if you can’t log in or the account has an error. That means you are late to use the account. Because we always update the account in the telegram group with members who have reached 30,000. In order to be more updated, we advise you to join the telegram group by clicking the telegram icon below.

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