January 28, 2023

What We Enjoy

  • As the weather cooled off, we enjoyed curling up on the couch to watch TV shows and movies online. Surfshark even allowed us to access Netflix in other countries. Our entertainment options were immediately increased by this.
  • Versatile and reliable VPN connections: Surfshark offers a variety of VPN protocols, including IKEv2 and IPSec as well as OpenVPN and WireGuard.
  • We could connect as many devices to Surfshark simultaneously as we wanted without running into any issues.

What We Don’t Like

  • Static IP address: Each time we connected to Surfshark, we received the same IP address. Because of this, online hackers can find us more easily.
  • the Netherlands-based The Netherlands has data retention laws that respect privacy, but because it is governed by Nine Eyes, the government may require Surfshark to share customer information when necessary.

Bottom Line

Because of Surfshark’s adaptability, we were able to browse the web with confidence that no one could follow us. It is quick and secure. We know we can use Surfshark and continue to conduct all of our regular online activities thanks to its numerous VPN protocol options, and you can too.

Internet surfing is very similar to physical surfing. Undoubtedly, it’s enjoyable and exciting, but you must exercise caution because there may be dangers hidden beneath the surface.

In line with the analogy of surfing, the aspects of online browsing that we aren’t immediately aware of are the most dangerous. This includes trackers and adware used by advertisers, cookies used by websites to keep tabs on us, and even the possibility of being spied on by Big Brother.

For this reason, we suggest VPNs like Surfshark. In the background, VPNs safeguard our privacy. By routing our web traffic through secure servers, they encrypt it and then mask our IP addresses.

But Surfshark is much more than meets the eye, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this well-known VPN in this review. We personally tested it, and there are so many things we want to share. Therefore, let’s begin.

A VPN provider’s headquarters location can already reveal a lot about the business. For instance, the Netherlands, which is generally a privacy-friendly nation, is where Surfshark is based.

The Netherlands has no laws requiring businesses to keep customer data on file, so Surfshark was able to uphold a “zero-log” policy. This indicates that it won’t keep track of its users’ browsing histories or IP addresses, but more on that later.

On the other hand, the Netherlands is a part of the Nine Eyes alliance, a group of countries with policies regarding intelligence sharing and surveillance. One of their guiding principles is the authority to demand that businesses turn over customer information to law enforcement or when there is a threat to national security.

As a result, the Dutch government and the alliance’s other members are legally entitled to request information from Surfshark, including user IP addresses and browsing histories. The significance of the “zero-logs” policy is then made clear. Surfshark has nothing to share if it doesn’t have logs of users’ browsing history, even if it is compelled to.

Features of Surfshark

Let’s now examine the VPN in more detail (VPN stands for virtual private network, in case you weren’t aware).

Naturally, one of Surfshark’s main responsibilities as a VPN was to conceal our online identities, and the DNS and WebRTC leak tests we conducted below show that it succeeds in doing just that.

In addition to that, Surfshark had additional features that delighted us. Look them up:

Torrenting and streaming: Although our main reason for using VPNs is to protect our privacy, there’s no harm in using them occasionally for fun, right? We could torrent and watch content on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and a lot more services thanks to Surfshark. Here’s why it’s significant: Because torrenting is used for piracy and our government disapproves of it, using a VPN while torrenting is essential. On the other hand, you can access regional libraries outside of your home country by using a VPN to access Netflix. For instance, with Surfshark’s assistance, we were able to stream Netflix UK content.

Camouflage and No-Borders Mode: Let’s get back to the important stuff. When you’re in a more repressive nation, Surfshark settings like Camouflage Mode and No-Borders Mode make it simpler and safer to connect to a VPN. In order to prevent governments from detecting that you’re using a VPN, camouflage mode, also known as obfuscation, disguises your VPN traffic to look like regular VPN traffic. Instead, No-Borders Mode will only let you use servers that are specifically made to get around censorship when Surfshark notices that you’re in a country with restrictions.

Kill switch: Since no VPN is flawless, it’s common for connections to drop out of the blue occasionally. However, if that occurs, your ISP might be made aware of your online activity. The kill switch feature is useful in this situation. When a VPN connection drops, it automatically stifles all of your internet traffic to ensure that it never leaks out.

Split tunneling: We simultaneously connected to public and private networks using a Surfshark feature called Whitelister. As we watched YouTube while still connected to a server from work, this conserved us much-needed bandwidth.

Surfshark One: A sort of all-in-one digital security solution, Surfshark One is an add-on service. It grants access to the secure search engine, identity monitoring service, and antivirus software of Surfshark. If you combine Surfshark One with any VPN subscription, the monthly cost is $1.49. A two-year VPN and Surfshark One subscription only costs $95.52 overall.

How Fast Is Surfshark?

Expect slower speeds if you use a VPN because your web traffic must pass through an encrypted server in addition to the server for the public network.

That is typical, but it doesn’t mean your internet service must come to a grinding halt. To make sure the VPN isn’t “killing” our network, we tested our speeds while connected and outside of Surfshark. In our tests, we used both an Acer Aspire 5 and a 2011 Macbook Pro. Here is what we discovered.

As you can see from the results below, our speeds on the Mac performed significantly better than on the Windows computer, which was only moderately successful.

Take our speed tests with a grain of salt because a lot of factors affect speed, including your distance from the server, your device’s make and model, operating system, browser type, and more.

Later, we compared Surfshark to other VPNs once more, and this time, we used a more thorough testing procedure. Despite not being the fastest, Surfshark’s performance was strong, offering fast download and upload speeds as well as consistent latency. On our VPN speed test page, you can find more information about this test.

How Secure Is Surfshark?

You might be experiencing a “the call is coming from inside the house” scenario if your VPN isn’t protecting your data well. But fear not—we searched every bed frame as we went around the proverbial house, and this is what we found.

Encryption Methods

Using antiquated encryption techniques is comparable to using a rusty safe lock; yes, it’s better than nothing, but we want better security for our valuables. So, after doing some research, we discovered that Surfshark used AES 256-bit encryption, which is the standard for VPNs in 2023.

Surfshark further hid our web traffic by encrypting it and routing it through several servers. Even the best VPNs on the market don’t typically operate in this manner, so we are confident that Surfshark will safeguard our online activity.

Logging Policy

But for us, that wasn’t enough. No, we actually wanted to read the fine print of Surfshark’s privacy policy to see what information they kept about us and what they kept about us. Our conclusions?

What Surfshark logs: Surfshark kept our account information, such as our email addresses, passwords, even though they were encrypted, billing information, order history, diagnostic reports, from which we opted out, and anonymized website usage data, such as which pages we visited and for how long. Additionally, it saved our IP addresses and specific device identifiers, but only from its website and not from the VPN app itself. Surfshark gathered cookies like the majority of businesses, but we had the option to decline this as well.

What Surfshark doesn’t log: Surfshark didn’t record our IP addresses, session details, browsing history, connection times, bandwidth consumption while using a VPN, network traffic, etc.

Surfshark is a great option for privacy because, in contrast to other VPNs we’ve tested, it only retains the minimal amount of data required to operate its service.

DNS Leak Tests

Think of Security.Org (our domain name) as opposed to, one of our website’s IP addresses, when referring to a DNS, or domain name server.

Naturally, something is wrong if a VPN isn’t concealing our DNS when we’re connected, which is why we checked it out. Fortunately, when connected versus not connected, the test revealed a different IP address. That means when we tested Surfshark on both our Mac and Windows computers, it concealed our web activity. Checkmate!

WebRTC Leak Tests

Finally, we used Surfshark to run a WebRTC leak test. A little background: WebRTC is a group of technologies that basically allows web browsers to communicate directly with each other rather than going through a middleman server, and it is what our computers use whenever we video chat with friends, transfer files, or live stream Netflix.

Yes, this speeds things up and eliminates lag, but it also necessitates the sharing of each device’s private IP address, which I don’t care for. The question of whether Surfshark leaked our personal IP addresses persisted.

The quick response is no, it didn’t. Our real IP addresses were concealed by Surfshark even while we were video chatting. Surfshark is at the top of its game in terms of privacy and security.

Surfshark Pricing Overview

We had several choices for paid subscriptions after our seven-day free trial with Surfshark expired. We essentially received the same features with each subscription, such as the ability to connect an unlimited number of devices to Surfshark. The only distinction between the subscriptions is the length of the term, which can be one month, one year, or two years.

Term length

Monthly price

Monthly price with Surfshark One

Annual price

Total amount billed

Annual price after first billing period


1 month







12 months







2 years







Although the monthly cost of Surfshark is significantly higher than that of NordVPN, if you intend to sign a longer subscription, you’ll eventually receive more value from Surfshark.

For instance, the two-year NordVPN plan runs about $3.99 per month, while Surfshark’s does so for $2.49. If you choose Surfshark over NordVPN, you’ll save almost $30 over the course of two years. Although there are other considerations, such as features and performance, Surfshark is the most affordable option. Further contrast between Surfshark and NordVPN VPN connections.

Surfshark is not only safe; its two-year package costs as little as $2.49 per month, making it one of the most affordable VPNs available. Read our page on Surfshark subscriptions for more details, or learn about current Surfshark specials and Black Friday Surfshark deals. Surfshark reduced the monthly cost to $2.21 last Black Friday by adding three months to its 24-month subscriptions at no additional cost.


Like any VPN, Surfshark has some drawbacks, but they are very minor and the advantages far outweigh any negative aspects. For the vast majority of people who want to conceal their web activity, Surfshark is a good fit thanks to its military-grade encryption, impressive privacy policy, and incredibly low prices.

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